Kinver entered a partnership with Protan to provide insight into the lead times of their carriers.


Protan is a family-owned manufacturer and contractor based in Norway, producting roofs and membranes, ventiflex ventilation systems and technical textiles.


Industrial production and contracting


NOK 1.5 billion (2018/2019)


Protan customer story

Protan is a Norwegian-owned company with a rich history.

When the industrial adventure started in 1939, up to 50 life jackets were produced per day. Today, Protan is the Nordics largest producer of roofing foil in thermoplastic and has developed world-leading quality membranes for wet rooms, radon protection and has expanded geographically to almost 20 markets. Kinver entered a partnership with Protan to provide insight into the lead times of their carriers. Logistics manager Steinar Tafjord is very pleased with the results.

We had a concrete but difficult problem. As a logistics manager, it is important to measure how good the carriers are at delivering according to the agreement. Do the carriers' lead times correspond to what they promised?

Prior to the collaboration with Kinver, Protan could only measure when the goods were sent from their own warehouse and not when the goods were delivered to the customer. Therefore, they missed out on important information about their own level of service. To measure the actual lead times, they had to measure it manually.

We spent a lot of time and energy measuring this manually, which turned out to be inaccurate, unreliable and had to be measured continuously. When I saw Kinver's system, I gained insight in a whole new way. Kinver has a holistic approach to all the links in the supply chains and with a few clicks you can see where you can save costs, monitor lead times and customer satisfaction.

We at Protan have saved significant costs on the collaboration with Kinver and have achieved higher efficiency, customer satisfaction and significant environmental savings. It has given us a better basis to base choices upon. In today's climate, companies cannot afford to lag behind.

As a supplier of products, Protan notices that there are higher requirements for being a green player and pointing out that the carbon footprint is reduced. Kinver helped us show how we can optimize transport so that we save the environment and still deliver what we need.