Before the collaboration with Kinver, we were a pure transport buyer. We are now a strategically important partner for our carriers.


Scandza is a rapidly growing Scandinavian iconic consumer brand company with 20+ iconic Scandinavian brands, 10 food factories and employees across Scandinavia, UK and the Baltics.




NOK 5,000m (2019)


Scandza customer story

Scandza is a company that develops well-known brands in the Scandinavian market. They own and develop several iconic Nordic brands such as Sørlandschips, Synnøve Finden, Lindvalls, Bisca and Bodylab.

Scandza's logistics manager, Lars Lundamo, believes that the purchase of transport services requires long and broad professional competence.

The challenge with purchasing transport services, unlike many other purchasing areas, is that it requires insight into many different subject areas.The impact between physical goods flow, digital information flow and cash flow is important to include in all assessments.

According to Lundamo, banal calculations are not sufficient.

In logistics, you need an overview of the consequences of different solutions. Impact of tax level, border crossings and the difference between half load and full load. If you don’t know the difference it doesn’t matter what the spreadsheet says.

Kinver helps Scandza make good choices based on professional competence and experience.

Now we have better control of the whole picture, we know which carriers we use, the frequency we transport according to, what volume we transport and what requirements we set for the route.

The industry is characterized by short lead times. Short time from order to delivery and short time from production to delivery. Therefore, logistics requires precision.

Without good logistics, it doesn’t help how good brands or raw materials you have.It doesn’t matter how good your brand is if you can’t get the items to the right time and the right quantity. Good logistics is the basis for continuous commercial success. I would recommend Kinver to companies that deal with logistics. So basically everyone.