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Automated Co2 calculations, analytics and data management suite for upstream and downstream transportation.
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Advanced emissions management solutions

Powerful, automated Co2 calculations, reporting functionality and data analytics to manage and reduce your transport GHG emissions.

Automatic GHG Carbon Calculation

Establish your carbon emission baseline for your logistics flows
Calculate your GHG carbon emissions for road, rail, sea and air
CSRD Scope 3 upstream and downstream calculation
Easily monitor trends over time and across your operation
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Deliver instant emissions reports

An all-in-one transport reporting functionality for customers, regulators and internal bodies
Flexible export capabilities and templates to respond to requests in seconds
Report on tank-to-wheel, well-to-tank or well-to-wheel
Customers never have to leave the page to find an answer

Manage and reduce your emissions

Monitor efficiency and emissions improvement opportunities across your entire transport operation
Monitor efficiency of carriers, routes and transport modes
Simulate delivery alternatives for projects and distribution
Deep dive into fuel types, legs and transport modes
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Kinver Green: Transport Carbon Calculator, Analytics and Reporting

Automated Co2 Calculations & Emissions Management Suite

At Kinver, we empower businesses to understand and mitigate their environmental impact through advanced carbon calculation and reporting solutions.

Co2 Calculator

Automated Co2 calculations to manage your carbon footprint. Easy to use web based data analytics and drill-down to monitor activity across your distribution network.

CSRD & Customer Reporting

Report on ESG scope 3 for upstream and downstream transport and distribution activities. Easily report CO2 emissions to all stakeholders with flexible activity based data.

ESG Scope 3 Compliance

Fully compliant with EU standards based methodology. Calculations under the GLEC and HBEFA frameworks. Certified EN 16258, with ISO 14083 compliance in process.

Powerful Data Analytics

Manage your transport data with best practice analytics and visualisations. Built for supply chain and transport specialists, CSR and environmental managers for perfect collaboration.
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Transport emissions management & reporting software

Why Kinver Green?

Why companies like Miele, Ahlsell and Boots choose Kinver

Integrate with ESG & Carbon Accounting Software

Our API first strategy enables you to connect with 100s of carriers, ERPs, TMS systems and more, to give you complete transparency and flexibility over your data

Precise emissions calculations

Our comprehensive data management strategy is supported by machine learning, enrichment algorithms and advanced data logic to give our customers the confidence to stand behind their numbers

Deep domain competence

With deep roots from logistics and transport consulting, our technology is built for logisitcs experts, by logistics experts. Our in-house support team is available to guide you every step of the way.

End-to-end emissions management solutions

Comprehensive solutions for data management, analytics, and reporting.
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Managing Co2 emissions and reporting for transport


Emissions management and reporting for logistics and transportation is complex. That's why we compiled our most common use questions to help you navigate all things third party data management, customer reporting, group procurement and more.
Why consider Kinver when we already have a standard ESG or carbon accounting software from our parent company?
Many businesses operating in the Nordics and throughout other European countries mature in their emissions journey find that the group procured software doesn't meet their specific needs. Especially when it comes to transport. While general ESG or carbon accounting software can manage basic emissions tracking and Co2 reporting for ESG Scope 3, Kinver offers specialised solutions for transport and logistics.

This includes functionality like the ability to report to individual customers, automation and data source management, or the ability to work activity based with emissions through smart efficiency recommendation engines.

At Kinver, we understand that logistics and transport data management requires special treatment and deep domain competence in order to give you the ability to not only manage your data, but to unlock its full potential.

We have flexible API and integration solutions if you need to share your data with your parent company and ensure you meet the specific operational and competitive needs within your business unit.  
What if I need approval from head office or region to adopt Kinver's strategy?
Kinver's flexible contract options, such as a 12-month initial term, can facilitate alignment with your company’s broader strategic goals. This initial trial allows you to demonstrate the value and results before committing fully, easing the approval process.
Can Kinver help if I find it hard to report granular transport emissions data to customers?
Kinver's approach is designed to handle granular data management and flexible reporting, integrating seamlessly with your existing ESG solutions. This enables more effective emission reduction strategies and improves your competitive edge in customer tenders.

Many companies operating in the Nordics are receiving an increasing number of customer requests for tailored emissions reports which general co2 calculator or emissions management solutions across the full scope simply can't cater for.

At Kinver, we understand that logistics and transport data management requires special treatment and deep domain competence in order to give you the ability to not only manage your data, but to unlock its full potential.
How does Kinver address different reporting standards and quality level from various transport carriers?
Kinver centralises emissions data on a single platform focusing on capturing, enriching and cleaning your data across all sources. Kinver then creates a unified funnel ensuring all data sources undergo the same calculation methodology and frameworks are applied in harmony. This process is designed to dramatically improve the accuracy and consistency of your emissions calculations for ISO14083 and EN16258 compliance. Should the relevant frameworks or standards change, we will apply the changes to the entire data stream ensuring you stay compliant.
What if I already have an ESG or carbon accounting software that manages emissions data?
While your ESG software may process and store data and provide an emissions calculation for your department, Kinver enhances this by offering a specialisation in transportation and third party data, enriched with advanced data logic and quality assurance, ensuring high-quality, actionable insights.

Kinver enhances existing systems with specialised transport data management capabilities. Our flexible API and integrations work smoothly with your ESG or carbon accounting software so you can easily increase your capability for things like customer reporting and activity based emissions improvement work.
Our internal team is skilled in data visualization tools like Power BI. Why should we choose Kinver?
Digital internal teams are often high in demand from competing departments and are notoriously overbooked. Although highly skilled in solutions like BI, internal digital teams are often highly generalist in nature, often resulting in a high degree of monitoring and collaboration to improve the chances that the solutions built are fit-for-purpose and will not just be another tool that sits on the shelf... so to speak. Kinver's solutions are built by logistics experts with deep domain expertise, ensuring that you receive highly specialised, efficient tools tailored to your industry's needs. Even with skilled internal teams, Kinver can provide the capacity and specialised knowledge often lacking in-house, enhancing your operations without overburdening your team.
Can Kinver help with detailed transport emissions reporting to my customers?
Absolutely. Kinver's solutions are designed specifically to handle detailed, granular data requests and reporting requirements. Easily export customer emissions reports with best practice or custom templates with full flexibility over included fields. This will help you respond easily to tenders, report on projects, or business as usual deliveries.
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Ahlsell's journey to net zero emissions

Reduction successfully met in 2022
We are helping over 60 companies optimize their supply chain.
On track for net-zero emissions by end of 2023
We are helping over 60 companies optimize their supply chain.

The best Co2 reporting and analytics platform on the market for distribution and logistics. We can now report to our customers in seconds, rather than weeks...

Vegar Carlson
Business Development Manager