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Co2 emissions reporting, data management and dashboards for upstream and downstream transport and distribution
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Kinver Green: CO2 Calculator, Analytics and Reporting

Stay compliant and competitive

Report on Scope 3 emissions for distribution to customers and key stakeholders

CO2 calculator

CO2 calculator to calculate your carbon footprint. Web based data analytics platform and activity based calculator to monitor activity across your distribution network.

Instant reporting

Report on ESG scope 3 for upstream and downstream transport and distribution activities. Easily report CO2 emissions to all stakeholders with flexible activity based data.

ESG Scope 3 compliance

Fully compliant with EU standards based methodology. Calculations under the GLEC and HBEFA frameworks. Certified EN 16258, with ISO 14083 compliance in process.

Stunning visualisations

Data analytics and visualisations built for supply chain and transport managers, C-Suite executives and external reporting to customers and regulatory bodies.
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Ready for the 2025 ESG reporting requirements for distribution?

Learn how you can stay compliant and competitive with Kinver Green
Case study

Ahlsell's journey to net zero emissions

Reduction successfully met in 2022
We are helping over 60 companies optimize their supply chain.
On track for net-zero emissions by end of 2023
We are helping over 60 companies optimize their supply chain.

The best Co2 reporting and analytics platform on the market for distribution and logistics. We can now report to our customers in seconds, rather than weeks...

Vegar Carlson
Business Development Manager
Trusted by 60+ companies
Data analytics and sustainability

The Kinver Benefit

Why companies like Miele, Ahlsell and Boots choose Kinver

Integrate with everything

Our API first strategy enables you to connect with 100s of carriers, ERPs, TMS systems and more, to give you complete transparency and flexibility over your data

Unparalleled accuracy

Our comprehensive data management, integration and data processing methodology is designed to give our customers the confidence to stand behind their numbers

Build a winning data strategy

We deliver the infrastructure for frictionless data flow, supporting you every step of the way in transforming your data into actionable insights