Take control of your Co2 footprint

Calculate your Co2 footprint, report to your customers and monitor your journey
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Kinver - Co2 Intelligence

Solving your biggest challenges

We don’t mean to brag, but when it comes to supply chain and sustainability, we are simply the best at what we do

Establish your benchmark

Calculate your Co2 footprint and establish the infrastructure to monitor and track continuous improvement across your transport operations

Sustainability, sustainable for business

Measure the relationship between cost and climate impact through comprehensive analytics that give you actionable insights supporting both the planet, and your bottom line

Flexible Co2 reporting

Share your Co2 figures seamlessly with key stakeholders through a fully flexible dataset that accelerates your responsiveness and gives you confidence behind your numbers

Simulate project deliveries

Assess multiple delivery scenarios and tender responses with Co2, time and cost impacts in a single consolidated view
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Ahlsell's journey to net zero emissions

Reduction successfully met in 2022
We are helping over 60 companies optimize their supply chain.
On track for net-zero emissions by end of 2023
We are helping over 60 companies optimize their supply chain.

Together with Kinver, we have gained insights that we were nowhere near before. We can now see all our transport and outgoing logistics in a combined picture, and can see climate emissions down to the individual customer as well as shipment

Vegar Carlson
Business Development Manager
Trusted by 60+ companies

The Kinver Benefit

Why companies like Miele, Ahlsell and Boots choose Kinver

Integrate with everything

Our data and connectivity strategy enables you to connect with 100s of carriers, ERPs, TMS systems and more

Unparalleled accuracy

When it comes to Co2 analysis for transport, we are simply best in breed. Our comprehensive methodology, data processing and integration practices are designed to give our customers the confidence to stand behind their numbers

Build a winning data strategy

We deliver the infrastructure for frictionless data flow, supporting you every step of the way in transforming your data into actionable insights